Wonderbolt is the ultimate tool to help measure, identify, and work with bolts and screws for any type of project. It’s hardware store help right in your pocket!

Easy to use and super handy. Where has this been all my life?! So excited to use this on my next project.

I’ve done custom cabinet and granite work for Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. People like that require precision craftsmanship on time, every time. When unexpected fastener needs arise in the field, count on Wonderbolt for the quick, accurate sizing information required. They’re not kidding…Wonderbolt takes the “hard” out of hardware selection!

Vince Lathrop, Artisan Contractor

See it in action…


Saved me a lot of time (and money) because I didn’t have to go to hardware store to get size of broken bolt. Used app, got size on spot, and called for quick delivery to job site. Great, practical idea!

Cat Islander



Look up a known size and obtain all the essentials.Lookup Screen


High-contrast graphics = easy fastener measurements.Measure Screen w Bolt


5 different fastener charts all at your fingertips. Info screen w bubbles

One of the most useful apps in my inventory. 


Additional features:

Over 100 true-size US and metric thread profiles makes identification quick and easy!thread matching

A built-in ruler allows for pixel-perfect length measurements!

US Ruler Screen w Bolt

This app is fantastic!  Very intuitively allows you to identify which screw you hold in your hand.

A leaper

Grouped w Bolt

Hardware stores may be out of stock, inconvenient or inaccessible.

With wonderbolt you will have everything you need to order the right size fastener online and finish that DIY project.

001-Icon-512-Standart-iTines-Artwork-v1  Search. Identify. Cross-reference.  Triumph.

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